Landex - Land Based Colleges Aspiring to Excellence

Landex - Land Based Colleges Aspiring to Excellence

Landex - Land Based Colleges Aspiring to Excellence

Landex - Land Based Colleges Aspiring to Excellence

Landex - Land Based Colleges Aspiring to Excellence

Landex - Land Based Colleges Aspiring to Excellence

Landex - Land Based Colleges Aspiring to Excellence

Landex - Land Based Colleges Aspiring to Excellence

Key Contacts

Chief Executive

Chris Moody OBE
Tel: 01604 893550

Director of Development

Steven Porter
Tel: 01604 892921

Steve worked as an independent consultant in the FE Sector for two years prior to him joining Landex. He has held senior management posts in General FE Colleges in London and West Yorkshire. He is an accomplished manager in the FE Sector, with extensive experience of business development, employer engagement, apprenticeships and employability programmes. Steve's key priorities since joining Landex in June 2017 are: developing an high quality and cost effective end point assessment service; enhancing the online learning materials provided to members by Land Based Learning Ltd; and offering a bid writing resource for members who wish to exploit collaborative opportunities.

Director Of Quality Enhancement

Oliver Symons

Tel: 01604 892716
Before joining Landex, Ollie gained extensive experience as Teacher Development Manager at a General FE College, and Head of Teacher Education and Development at Sparsholt College. As an accomplished trainer and facilitator, Ollie has helped establish the CPD and quality enhancement services offered by Landex, and is well placed to lead the quality team in providing the widest possible range of support for members.

Quality Advisors

Elizabeth Halford (associate)

Liz Halford provides specialist higher education support services to members, including advice on the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and Annual Provider Review (APR). From 2012-16, Liz was Head of Research and Intelligence at QAA, where her role included policy development and research into teaching and learning, student engagement, and the regulation of HE in an international context. Prior to that she was Head of Validation and Review at the University of West London.
Robert Pheasant (associate)
Rob Pheasant provides support for members in the leadership and development of Maths and English, and Functional Skills strategies. Following a period of secondment to the Skills for Life unit at the Department for Education and Skills (DfES), Rob was appointed Head of Skills for Life and Employment at QIA/LSIS. Having extensive experience in the land based sector as a lecturer and manager, Rob is well placed to support members with this challenging area of work.
Sue Double (associate)
Sue Double leads teaching, learning and assessment events for members. Having spent nearly 10 years as a lead coach and course leader for teacher training, Sue has extensive experience of lesson observation and supporting staff in improving their planning, delivery and support for students.
Wendy Dick (associate)
Wendy Dick provides support for members by sharing her knowledge and skills, working pragmatically together in partnership to develop teaching and leadership practice that has the student at the centre. With many years experience at a senior level in two successful Colleges in both Wales and the South West she has a passion for excellence in education and training, with expertise in quality assurance, creating health cultures and dynamic teams, middle manager coaching and leadership development.

Project Manager

Paul Murphy
Tel: 01604 892650

Paul completed BA (Hons) degrees in Marketing and Strategic Management, and then worked as an Apprenticeship Advisor in the FE Sector for 3 years, prior to joining Landex. He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership. Paul has been a member of the Landex staff since 2011 and prior to taking up his current role, Paul administered a range of Landex committees, together with CPD and Peer Review programmes. In addition, Paul has provided research and leadership for a range of national initiatives including Health and Safety benchmarking, Qualification Achievement Rates, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and Financial Data benchmarking.


Zoe Lee - Landex

Megan Edmond - Land Based Learning

Karen Mitchell - Land Based Assessment & National Land Based College

Registered Office

Tel: 01604 892650
Landex - 'Land based Colleges Aspiring to Excellence',
Portfolio Innovation Centre,
St. Georges Avenue,


Russell Marchant
Vice-Chancellor, Principal - Hartpury University and Hartpury College

Vice Chair

Amanda Burnside
Principal, Wiltshire College

Landex Representative on AoC Board

Suzanne Duncan
Principal, East Durham College

Landex Representative on AoC Governors' Council

Jeff Beer OBE
Governor, Cornwall College (Duchy & Bicton)